LED Lighting is Making Niagara Falls More Impressive at Night

26/12/2016   /   Categories :  Installations

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board recently completed an LED lighting project for the site, with the goal of improving energy efficiency while enhancing the visual appeal of the landmark during nighttime. The Niagara Falls were previously lit with xenon lamps, which offer a potent output but are unable to match the energy efficiency, color flexibility and long service life of LED technology.

This lighting project demonstrates how the technology can be scaled up to illuminate large sites, while offering room for creativity.

An Overview of the Niagara Falls LED Lighting System

The new LED lighting system is a remarkable project, with a total investment of more than 4 million Canadian dollars and using 1400 individual fixtures. The system was developed by a consortium of contractors and lighting specialists, and offers the following performance characteristics:

  • LED luminaires are split into 68 control groups, where 48 are used for the Canadian side and the remaining 20 are used for the American side.
  • According to Salex, a member of the consortium that developed the project, the LED system can produce over 18,000 color combinations. The system uses a combination of red, green, blue and white luminaires to achieve this.
  • Depending on the colors being projected, the system can offer from 4 to 14 times more brightness than the previous lighting system.
  • Energy savings range from 60 to 85 percent, also depending on the color configuration. The nameplate power of the installation was reduced from 120 kW when xenon bulbs were used, to only 58 kW with LED lighting.
  • LED lighting offers a remarkable service life, and this system was enhanced to be completely weatherproof; it is designed to operate for 25 years without major maintenance expenses.

The LED lighting project was officially revealed on December 1, 2016, and it represents the first major lighting investment for the Niagara Falls in 20 years. The system is mounted on the Table Rock Centre rooftop, located at Niagara Parks, on the Canadian side of the falls. The Centre receives over 8 million visitors per month.

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board Supports Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

In collaboration with Niagara Parks, the Board offers special illumination days to support specific organizations.

  • On December 7, 2016, the Niagara Falls were illuminate in blue to support the World TTTS Awareness Day.
  • They will be lit teal on January 6, supporting the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month; and blue again on January 9, which is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Niagara Parks has an online form for any charitable or non-for-profit organization to apply for a spot in their special illumination schedule.

Concluding Remarks

LED lighting not only offers energy efficiency; the technology is also very promising for the IT industry and for artistic applications. Professionals in the lighting industry now have a broad range of specializations they can pursue, and online freelancing platforms such as LightPro allow clients to get in touch with specialists from all over the world.


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